14 Day Plant-Based Gut Reset Program

With (optional) meal delivery

A lifestyle guide that gives you the tools to make health a habit. It includes Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness and becoming a part of the course Community.

This is not just another New Year’s resolution, it’s a tool to empower your health for life.

The program starts every Monday and lasts for 14 days.

This is not just another New Year’s resolution, it’s a tool to empower your health for life.

  • Feel fatigued when you wake up, sluggish throughout the day, irritable, regularly falling sick, constipated, constantly bloated, your skin seems to never clear up? Or have you just come back from a great vacation where you may have overindulged a little too much and may need a hand in getting back on track? (firstly, don’t feel bad for this, holidays are meant to be enjoyed with no guilt!)
  • Then this 14-Day Gut Reset Program is what you’re looking for. We don’t believe in quick fixes but look at this as a kick start into restoration and preservation of your amazing gut.
  • Gut health is a gradual lifestyle change and does not need to happen overnight, which is why we wanted to give you a boost in that direction so that you could incorporate healthy habits and make it a lifestyle, not just for 14 days!

Benefits of having a healthy gut

  • Increased energy
  • Not getting the midday energy slump
  • Better digestion, therefore, increased detoxing
  • Weight/fat loss
  • Metabolic repair
  • Mental clarity
  • Stronger immune system
  • Clearer and brighter looking skin
  • More restful sleep
  • Lighter, happier (hello increased serotonin production)
  • Less inflammation and acidity
  • And just downright wonderful!

Why is it imperative to have a healthy gut?

As Hippocrates said, ‘All disease starts in the gut’. Did you know we have more bacteria in our gut than cells in our body? What we eat determines what kind of bacteria we grow and nurture in our gut. This could either increase or decrease the risk of diseases. So, let’s feed our microbes the most nutritious foods so they can munch on this and multiply into even more anti-inflammatory, anti-disease, protecting colonies.

If we were to boldly define the entirety of human health, there would be five essential elements: immunity, metabolism, hormonal balance, cognition, and gene expression. That would cover our bases for everything we need to thrive as humans, and what’s amazing is that the microbiota (the trillions of microbes living in your gut) is intertwined with all five axes of human health. Think of the gut microbiota as a command center for human health.

What’s in the program?

1. Nutrition

Daily videos will help you understand how well-balanced nutrition can benefit your brain and body and make it a continued lifestyle.

Get inspired and motivated by a group of like-minded people.

1) Meal Plan

Cook or Get it Delivered

14 days of well balanced gut-healing plant-based recipes (daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack)

All of these recipes have been developed by a Board Certified nutritionist. Picking and pairing great gut-healing ingredients, so you get the utmost benefit from this program.

**UAE Only**

This is one of the best parts, you have the option to make the food yourself if you prefer cooking and enjoy it or for those busy bees who want to do the reset but just don’t have time to cook, we have got you covered!

Pumpkin & Kale kitchen will lovingly prepare these delicious meals as per the guide for you and deliver it to your home!

If you opt for the meal delivery through Pumpkin & Kale, this will cover 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday). On Friday and Saturday we would love for you to prepare the meals, you have the guide and recipes, so we have fully equipped you. Please note that if you opt for option 2 you will still receive the guide and recipes if you ever want to make one of the recipes on your own when you get time.

2) Gut Knowledge

14 Unique Videos

Nutritional information on the gut in bite-size structured videos hosted our Board Certified nutritionist

We’ve done the hard work of turning the science-backed information into an easy-to-understand format for you.

Daily videos will walk you through understanding the gut, how it functions with every part of your body and mind (yes, your gut and your brain talk to each other all the time), easy tips on improving digestion, the importance of sleep and exercise for the gut and so much more.

This program will make you happier, literally, your gut is linked to the production of your happy hormone Seratonin.

3) Community

Including Live Sessions

Join the community group which guides and motivates you throughout the program, we all need accountability partners from time to time

You will gain access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask questions publicly and privately.

This is a safe place to ask questions, get motivation from the other people in the community, guidance from your program coaches and just an all-around uplifting group.

2. Mindset

Learn how to build habits and achieve your goals by applying the right mindset.

Daily videos and assignments to keep you going.

1) Building Habits

8 Unique Videos

Step by step guide on turning your purpose and aspiration into behaviors that turn into lifetime habits

You will get access to a video every day and learn the following:
– How to clarify your purpose and aspiration
– How to explore different behaviors that will help you achieve your goals
– How to match yourself with specific behaviors that will maximize the chance of a successful habit building
– How to implement tiny behaviors

2) Achieving Goals

6 Unique Videos

Step by step guide on developing your mindset to achieve your goals (sense of purpose, power and motivation)

You will get access to a video every day and learn the following:
– How to install powerful images and beliefs
– How to develop a sense of purpose and achievement
– How to develop a making it happen attitude
– How to develop inncer calmness

3. Fitness

Daily exercise videos that will motivate you to keep moving.

Exercise videos

14 Unique Videos

14 videos put together by our professional trainer to keep you active because we all know how important movement is for the body and mind.

Exercise is a part of the health realm, so of course, it is included in this program. Not only does exercise aids in digestion, but it releases stress, therefore decluttering the mind, releasing endorphins and getting rid of stale energy.

Each day you can workout with guided videos from your coach in the comfort of your home, gym, or even get outside in nature. Pick a time and place that fits your schedule, press play and sweat away!

Why choose this course?

You may be thinking to yourself, why go with habEAT when there are tons of programs out there. Firstly we totally get you, we were in the same position that you are currently in. But this is the very reason we created this course because we were unfulfilled from the other courses. We have been through the ups and downs, yoyo-dieting, New Years’ resolutions, “starting on Mondays”, and we know how frustrating it is.

We wanted a course that involved all aspects of health, from nutrition to mindset and exercise, which is what this program is. **We don’t want this to be a once-off program, we want to help you create healthy habits for life!** Not only is this program developed by professionals, some of who have over 15 years of experience, and is backed by science but there is so much heart and soul in just wanting to help people live healthier lives. We genuinely care about each and every person who joins our courses. This is one of the main reasons why we created a private Facebook group for all our members so we can create a fun and motivating community, and of course, all your coaches will be in this group to cheer you on and answer any questions you may have.

Book until the 31 Jan, 2022 and get at a 15% discount

Cook by myself

What is included?

Nutrition (Cook by Yourself), Mindset, Fitness

$79 (295 AED)

$69 (250 AED)

Book until 31 Jan, 2022 and get at a 15% discount.

Get food delivered

What is included?

Nutrition (Meal Delivery – UAE Only), Mindset, Fitness

$510 (1870 AED)

**$440 (1625 AED)**

Book until 31 Jan, 2022 and get at a 15% discount.

Additional 50% off for the ‘Cook by myself’ package: $69 (250 AED) $34.5 (125 AED)

Frequently asked questions

Why 14 days?

There are very interesting studies that indicate that healthy change can happen incredibly fast in the human gut—within three or four days of shifting to healthier foods. The bacteria that live in the gut are surprisingly responsive to change in diet. We know change may be challenging at times, which is why we wanted to get you over this hurdle so you’re not alone. Once you start feeling the benefits, there will be no turning back:)

When will the program start?

The program starts every Monday and lasts for 14 days. Book it whenever it’s convenient for you!

I don’t have time to cook, can I still do the program?

only in the UAE For those busy bodies, we have got you covered! We are all about finding solutions to problems which is why our dear friends over at Pumpkin and Kale will lovingly prepare the food for you and drop it off at your home. Please note that this wonderful plant-based kitchen only operates during the week, so the weekend they will be recovering their hands that pour so much love into making your food. But no need to worry, for the weekend meals (Friday and Saturday) you have all the recipes to make these delicious foods at home, now you can use your wonderful hands to lovingly make these meals. On the weekend you may have more time to cook which is perfect, how amazing to know that you can create healing meals for your body.

Do I have to be plant-based/vegan to join?

Nope! We all know the importance of adding as much fruit and vegetables to our plates and the health benefits thereof, but if you want to have a side of non-vegan foods then go ahead, but we really think with these recipes you won’t be missing anything at all 😉

Can I only do this program if I live in the UAE?

Absolutely not! You can do this program and join the community wherever you are in the world! The only part that doesn’t pertain to anyone who doesn’t live in the UAE is the meal prep delivery.

I won’t get the recipes if I choose the meal delivery?

You will get everything! No matter which option you pick, the full program is included.

Why should a gut program be a priority?

Your gut is linked to nearly every system in your body, it’s the headquarter of your body’s healing system. Once you have a solid foundation in this, you’re on the track to giving your body the best life!

Still not sure if this course is for you?

Schedule a 15 call with us and we will address your questions

The mind behind the nutrition program

I’ve been through it myself, the yo-yo dieting, trying every fad diet there is, negativity towards food, guilt when it came to eating the “wrong foods”. I can list so much more, but the main point is, I know the frustration and sadness that comes to finding the right nutrition for you. I want you to fall in love with food, to look at foods as healing and nourishing, to realise the true magic that food has. When I fell sick and switched my mindset towards food, there was no going back, the foundation had been laid.

~ Thei Udayan, Co-Founder of habEAT.me & Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist