6 reasons why bamboo represents habEAT values

There is so much we can learn from nature and how going back to basics could be the one thing we are all missing in this modern fast-paced world where quick fixes and lack of patience have left us feeling even more tired and frustrated.

Every day the bamboo plant is watered, grown in fertile soil, and receives sunshine. So it’s expected that some sort of growth should be seen right? 

Here’s the thing, there is no sign of any growth above soil for 2 years. What about 3 -4 years? Still nothing.

But then something magical happens in year 5, you start to see some growth above soil and within 6 weeks the tiny unseen shoot plummets to 80 feet tall.

The bamboo shoot knows that it has to have very strong roots in order to support the enormous structure that awaits it above ground. If it didn’t have such a strong base, there is no way it could sustain such a majestic formation.

6 reasons why this represents the values and structure of habEAT:

1. No quick fixes – as you can see from the growth of the bamboo, no progress happens overnight, it takes time. People tend to give up so quickly because they don’t see immediate changes, but they don’t realise the magic happening inside which is setting them up for a strong base.

2. Patience – don’t give up just before you overcome the hurdle. This isn’t a fad diet that you jump to and forth as new ones hit the market. Give your body the opportunity to get into a habit long enough so you can soar thereafter no matter what challenges come your way. We want you to build a strong base that prevents disease or health issues from breaking you down.

3. Full circle – for the bamboo to grow you need to water it, make sure it’s getting sunlight, and nurture it. This is why we look at nutrition through a 360 lens. We ask you if you were satisfied after each day, did you feel bloated, and our all-time favourite, how many times did you go to the bathroom. We ask this for specific reasons, we want you to get in tune with your body, listen to it, see what it liked and didn’t like.

4. Building a strong foundation – everyone wants success but very few are willing to put in the hard work in order to reach that level of success. You need to put in the work, create that habit, adjust to what works for you, and most importantly, be consistent! Remember no visible signs of the bamboo were seen before year 4…

5. Trust – this is very important, as you may not see immediate results, you need to trust the process. At times it is very hard to adhere to this as frustration kicks in when you feel like you’ve been trying but the results don’t show. Each day you try is one day closer to a stronger foundation and an abundant body.

6. Continuous growth – we are ever-evolving, changing, learning, and adapting. Creating a healthy strong base isn’t a one-off occurrence, but a continual process. Just like the bamboo, it never stops growing, sometimes it’s at a faster rate, and sometimes it needs a bit more time. If you improve your base by 1% each day, that has much more sustainable exponential growth than taking drastic leaps that could leave you feeling overwhelmed and leading to a process that will end very shortly. Start small and commit to making small changes each day that will lead to massive changes over time without you even noticing.

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