Don’t Ghost Yourself

The trust is broken every time you say you’re going to do something and then you ghost yourself. Your body is intelligent, so treat it that way

If this was another human, relationship or partnership, it would be toxic, unreliable, rude, hurtful, inconsistent and upsetting. ⁣

But this is not “just another relationship”⁣

This is YOU. ⁣

The most important relationship.⁣

Show up for yourself, give to yourself.⁣

Quit with the “I’ll clean up my diet on Monday”, “I’ll just do a detox after this”, “I’ll go on a juice fast to lose weight”. Why would you repeatedly “hurt” yourself then half-arse making amends? ⁣

You wouldn’t do it to anyone else so why would you do it to yourself. ⁣

Don’t ghost yourself.

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