You Can Not Live Beyond Your Means

You can not live beyond your means…

If you only knew how many processes your body is running at any given moment to keep you alive, you would be in awe.

You would only want to give it the best.⁣

You would want to provide it with amazing nutrients as much as you could.⁣

Your body has a natural “calorie counter” installed, once you give it the right nutrients, you wouldn’t be having mad cravings, feeling unfulfilled after meals, constantly hungry, imbalances, etc.⁣

Cutting down on carbs (I cringe every time I hear this, STOP REGURGITATING STALE INFO), reducing your calories to something that an infant wouldn’t even run on, all leads to your body struggling to even do the basics. And then you wonder why your body is not responding to your requests.

When you deprive your body of all the wonderful plant-based nutrients… that’s when you turn your body against yourself.⁣

No one wants to “diet” for the rest of their lives. Think of ADDING and not TAKING away. Go back to basics and stop overcomplicating it. Get all the colors of veg, root veg, legumes and feed your wonderful body.

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