Be a Nutritarian


With the vast amounts of names that eating/diets have been labeled over the years, I’m not surprised people are getting more confused, sick, and disoriented on what to eat or which “style” to follow. ⁣

Stop. Understand the body. Understand what it needs to thrive and which foods tire it down. Don’t over complicate it.⁣

Macros, scales, dieting will only get you so far, your body has the natural ability to do this all, give it the chance. This is why we created habEAT. ⁣

Be a nutrient seeker not a calorie avoider!

Eat for your brain, your organs, your cells.⁣

Eat to start curing an illness or issue that already exists. ⁣

Eat to protect yourself from external factors that are out of your control.⁣

Eat to prevent future illness and hardship that it may come with. ⁣

Eat for your soul and everything that makes it feel alive and vibrant. ⁣

Eat for your peace and the mental clarity it allows. ⁣

Eat as if your life depends on it… because it does. 

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