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3 simple steps to create healthy eating habits with habEAT

Hi friend!

Firstly we are so excited to have you with us and share in the joy of healthy eating habits.

We know what a vast difference following a healthy lifestyle has provided for us, from our energy levels, barely ever getting sick, no counting calories or fad diets, love being in our own skin to so much more. We want all of you to feel this way, everyone should feel this vibrant!

When we had first started our health journey it was far from smooth. There were frustrations, giving up, starting again, trying to find balance and this is what led us to start habEAT. We have skipped a few steps for you and brought you right to the juicy part! 

We have created a habEAT Loop to set you up for success. There are 3 easy steps to create the habit of eating healthy and make it something that becomes second nature. Just like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, tying your shoelace, we want the action of healthy eating to be just as simple and easy.

We know that it may seem challenging in the beginning and that is totally fine! We are human, new things may seem a bit daunting and tough to implement, but once you get over that hurdle it’s just pure bliss of a strong healthy body.

So let’s get straight into this, we hope you are as excited as we are!

habEAT Loop

habEAT Loop
habEAT Loop – Trigger, Action, Fulfillment

We’ve been inspired by the habit building formulas of Charles Duhigg, James Clear, Nir Eyal and Stephen Covey. We created the habEAT loop based on successfully proven methods combined with our knowledge of nutrition. 

We have broken the habEAT Loop down into 3 easy steps: Trigger, Action and Fulfillment.

Step 1 – ‘TRIGGER’

External trigger – watching TV and seeing something yummy

Trigger initiates the motivation to do a behavior. 

This can either be internal or external triggers, which prompt signals that guide us as to what to do next. 

Let’s say for example some internal triggers could be: thoughts, emotions (e.g. loneliness, boredom, hunger, happiness, excitement), fatigued, wanting to be healthier due to a current health issue or to prevent a health issue from even arising.

For external triggers this could look like: people, places, activities, objects (e.g. ads, phone notifications, social media, meeting someone, talking,  hearing something on the radio)

Step 2 – ‘ACTION’

Action – choosing a delicious recipe from habEAT recipe list

Action is doing a behavior to seek fulfillment of that trigger.

To expand a bit more on the “doing” part, we are saying it’s the ability and sufficient motivation to perform an action. Opening the fridge, ordering food, cooking, going to the restaurant, picking up food from the restaurant, etc.


Fulfillment – satisfying that yummy craving

This last step in the habEAT Loop strengthens the motivation to repeat an action over and over again until… it becomes a habit!

It is human behaviour to seek a reward when progressing in something, it’s the fuel that keeps us going. This satisfies and teaches us which actions are worth remembering in the future.

For example, satisfying a food craving, experiencing the taste of food, feeling healthy, feeling light, no constipation or bloating, sharp mind, fatigued replaced with energy etc.

Putting all steps together: Trigger, Action and Fulfillment creates a habit loop. You are more likely to repeat the behavior after being triggered if the end result was satisfying or fulfilling. 

habEAT Loop
habEAT Loop – You are more likely to repeat the behavior after being triggered if the end result was satisfying or fulfilling. 

So let’s wrap this up in an everyday scenario:

You’re watching TV, you see a delicious chocolate brownie (TRIGGER) and start to crave it. You either go to the kitchen and use an easy and delicious recipe from the habEAT recipes or you order (ACTION). Once the brownie is baked or delivered, you enjoy it and satisfy that craving (FULFILLMENT).

Now let’s look at 2 tools to implement the habEAT Loop to create healthy habits. These tools have to be very specific so there is no space for double guessing or procrastination:

Singular habit – I will [BEHAVIOR] at [TIME] in [LOCATION].

Example: Lunch preparation for work – I will [prepare my lunch for Sunday] at [7 PM on Saturday] at [home].

Habit Stacking – After [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].

Example: After [I get home from work and unpack my bag], I will [boil the water for cooking].

Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, i.e. it becomes a second nature action.

This is exactly what we want healthy eating to become for you, a non-stressful, easy, and positive factor in your everyday life. 

Habits free up that mental space so there is room for you to do more extraordinary things. 

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time stressing over what to eat.

Download the habEAT and tick away!  

Download habEAT

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