How habEAT way of eating changed our lives

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So we wanted to give you a rundown as to why we’ve created habEAT, how it works and why it will be such a valuable tool in your health box.

Why have we created habEAT?

Thei and Tadas

We are so passionate about helping people and providing them with knowledge on healthy eating habits. We want to share what we learned and what worked for us. 

Consistent and balanced plant-based nutrition has completely changed our lives. For Thei, it has reversed her endocrine issues such as PCOS and helped in balancing out her hormones. Tadas started following a plant-based way of eating after learning that it can improve his overall energy levels throughout the day, provide mental clarity and achieve his athletic goals. 

After more than 4 years of following a habEAT way of eating, we have more energy than we ever did in the past and find ourselves more focused. 

Of course there are times that we get very stressed, tired, and overwhelmed, but we feel our bodies are more equipped to deal with these occasional events. Sometimes we try to imagine how we would actually feel or what health issues we would face if we didn’t give our bodies those vital nutrients. 

Everyone will face some sort of stressful situations in their life, it’s inevitable. But let’s armour your body with solid protection that when these life-events happen, our body is ready and waiting to take it on without falling apart.

How does habEAT work?

habEAT – Daily Nutrition Guide

We have made a super simple framework of various plant-based food categories (vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, fats and oils, hydration) to tick throughout your day. There are 25 ticks in total summing up all of the categories with their portion sizes that you should have per day. 

We have also provided you a list of items under each category in case you need some ideas and not to pick the ones you are used to. For example, if you are used to having broccoli, let’s switch it up with brussel sprouts, zucchini or green patipan. The more diverse your selection, the more you feed different bacterial colonies in your body which means… more vitality!  

At the end of the day, there is a section to assess how you felt from your bowel movements to being satisfied. This may seem small, but it’s such a great insight into seeing what works for you, learning to listen to your body and tapping into that mind-body connection.

Over time we have lost that mind-body connection which is so important as they are constantly in communication and you don’t want the message to get fuzzy between the two. When it gets fuzzy then we start receiving the wrong messages which can lead to negative implications for our health.

If you’re slightly OCD like Thei and like to pre-plan the day ahead to make sure we get most of the ticks in, this is one way. If you like to go with the flow and tick after each meal, that is completely fine as well. Find the method that works the best for you. 

We just want to get you in the habit of ticking those boxes, seeing where you can get more ticks in your day, becoming aware of what goes into your body. 

Once you consistently tick the boxes, not only will this become a habit, but you will be more present and “careful” in choosing what to eat. Your plate is going to be filled with so much goodness, that there isn’t space left for the rest.

Why is habEAT such a valuable tool in your health box?

habEAT Foods

So many of us underestimate the amount of nutrients we need on a daily basis. Nutrients from food equate to energy, energy fuels our body and then reserves some for when we need it. Each day our body uses an immense amount of energy for complex chemical, mechanical and electrical systems of the body that we don’t even notice, like breathing!

When we get the right amount of nutrients in each day, the body works like a well-oiled machine, and where there is a lack of nutrients, we face “breakdowns” and “glitches” in our system, i.e. diseases, fatigue, recurring health issues like those annoying sinus issues or yeast infections.

We have provided you with categories that will not only form that strong base but an abundance of nutrients. Each category has a corresponding serving size and list of items to diminish the stress of figuring out what falls under each one. The servings sizes of each category are mapped out in a way that provides optimal health, i.e. the fat portions are lower as it bogs down the liver, where veggies are increased to provide enough fiber, minerals, nutrients, vitamins that our body thrives off. 

Our bodies are predominantly water, the average adult body is made up of nearly 60% of water. Water can be derived from both foods and drinking straight up. On average we want to aim to get in at least 2 liters per day. An increase in water intake depends on our activity level and where we live, i.e. warmer climates call for more hydration. This is why it’s a DAILY HABIT, we need to replenish these nutrients daily as water either flushes them out of our system or it gets diluted, absorbed and used. 

We always talk about going back to basics, water is a vital nutrient for each cell and acts as the first step as material for building a strong base.

To wrap this all up

It’s totally fine if you start with just a few ticks per day, we all start somewhere. Today, start with downloading habEAT Nutrition Habit Tracker.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain
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